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Creative Consulting and Direction

Experience the creative odyssey of Replicah in motion and sound.

Dive into a cinematic exploration of the artistry, passion, and drive behind 'Replicah says'.  A visual testament to a life lived in vibrant color and boundless imagination. 

More than words can capture


Replicah says -

is a Creative Consultant and Creative Director based in Switzerland

Replicah Says began its journey as a freelance photo studio named DIE-SEIN and quickly transformed into a beacon of creative brilliance.

With over 18 years pioneering in Advertising Photography & Video, Content Creation, and Music Production, we've consistently been at the cutting edge of artistic innovation.


Over the last decade, Creative Consulting and Direction have become our primary focus, allowing us to share brilliant creative ideas and concepts with international companies, brands, artists, and individuals, helping them achieve tremendous success with their products.

Under the visionary leadership of founder and Creative Mastermind Sabrina Bühlmann aka Replicah, we've carved a legacy by shaping the industry even before the content creation wave took off.

By 2014-2015, we had already garnered multi-millions of clicks for esteemed international brands such as L'ORÉAL Paris, Maybelline NY, NYX Cosmetics, Schwarzkopf and Essie across platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Sabrina Bühlmann's unique touch ensures that each creative concept radiates charisma, empathy and engagement.

Whether it's reflecting her personal aesthetics or aligning with a brand's distinct identity, at Replicah Says, we believe that aesthetics can craft powerful narratives and emotional connections, making every project both unique and captivating.

Replicah says - Sabrina Bühlmann

Founder and Creative Mastermind

Sabrina Bühlmann, Replicah Says, Creative Director, Artist, Replicah, Sabrina Tanja Bühlmann, Genius, Art Genius$

Selected Clients / Partners

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